Many people have asked… “How do I know if my head gaskets are the problem?”  Some things to look for are:

  • Engine overheating.
  • Over excessive amount of antifreeze in the filltank.
  • Antifreeze being consumed by your engine resulting in large amounts of white smoke coming from your exhaust.
  • A sweet smell coming from your exhaust (this is coolant being abnormally consumed by your engine).
  • Engine temperatures increase past normal (overheating) when accelerating hard or during  load, such as towing.
  • An unexpected rear main seal leaking profoundly, which may show up on your garage floor as oil puddles.
  • If there is coolant in the oil.
  • Your engine won’t start because it may be hydrolocked.  This is a complicated diagnosis to make for the layman because it really requires a trained mechanic.  But, the possibility here is that antifreeze has made its way into one or more of your cylinders, and the amount of fluid in there is literally prohibiting the piston from completing its cycle and going back up.  Kind of like the basic Super-Soaker that your kids play with in the summertime.  If you pulled back the handle to get water in, and then clench your hand tightly over the front exit hole, then no water can get out.

If you experience any of the above signs, take your car immediately to your mechanic to have the situation checked out more thoroughly (if drivable without overheating or damage).  If not drivable, then have your car towed to your mechanic.